Clients & Partners

Who we work with

Inspired Concepts serves a variety of organisations in the private, public and charity sectors supporting their aspiration to lead in their industries and their desire to harness new ideas, unconstrained by conventional wisdom, for the benefit of their organisations.
Our clients are predominantly faced with immediate operational challenges, undergoing a transition or experiencing a change where they need to make a significant move and are unclear as to precisely what to do or in need of support to develop the capabilities of their employees. We have helped many of these clients achieve significant growth and a high percentage of our revenues have historically been derived from repeat transactions with these clients. Typically, our work engages us with CEOs, business unit heads, HR heads and other members of the senior management team.
We have also partnered with a number of publicly funded UK organisations, International companies and private consulting firms to design and deliver learning and development programmes in and outside the UK.

Some of the organisations we have worked with include; CommedIa Sheffield, RCCG Trinity Chapel, MBFC UK, Emmaus Bristol, RCCG Central Office, Bethany School for Autistic Children, Emmaus Gloucester, Women’s Design Service, GLE One London, SEMEDA, ABI Associates, ECJ Associates Limited, KHCA Consulting Limited, Eastside Consulting, AppSync Limited, Christian Graffiti Limited, Brownstone International Limited, Totally Style Limited, Dio Telecoms Limited, Link Up Estates, P&P Community Services and Peoplesource Nigeria Limited