Our Consulting Work

We are experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully set up and managed businesses in the UK and abroad. We have also helped several businesses, charities and church organisations navigate the myriad challenges faced when managing such entities through start up, growth to maturity. Our breadth of experience equips us to provide our clients with a highly practical and effective consulting service.

Over the years, we have remained a trusted advisor to many of our clients and helped many businesses identify and harness the most attractive opportunities available to them. We have also supported many charities and churches to achieve their goals and objectives.


Case Studies

Helping you market, develop and grow your organisation

The inadequate provision of school places for children with autism led our client to set up a school for children with autism in 2004. Inspired Concepts worked with the client from the idea stage through the crucial phases of its inception. We created a business plan, developed a growth strategy, identified and engaged suitable private and public sector partners, helped the client identify a suitable location and managed its registration with the DFES.

Conducting legal audits to help your organisation comply ...

with charity law

Our client is a dynamic black majority church in the UK. By 2006, the church had experienced significant growth and needed to be confident that its records were in order, its operations were in compliance with charity law and other government regulations and that its established policies, procedures and practices could protect it from legal risks, litigation. Inspired Concepts was engaged to undertake an employment legal audit, review contracts and conduct an audit of its operations to ensure the church remained compliant with the law. Since this first engagement, we have remained a trusted advisor to the Church and its leadership and continue to support their progressive work within the community.

Helping you design your organisation’s operations efficiently

A leading quality assurance service provider to landfill development companies in the UK became our client in 2007. The company’s work helps several majors in the industry to mitigate risks from water and atmospheric contamination. The landfill construction market is seasonal with a lot of activity over the summer months but becoming inactive during winter. Inspired Concepts worked with the client to reorganise the use of its resources efficiently and ensure year long profitably by identifying and exploiting new opportunities within its industry supply chain, helping the company plan and build capacity for its future growth.

Conducting a risk assessment of your organisation to help you ...

mitigate potential liabilities and manage risks effectively


Our client is a large UK charity with interests in a variety of community oriented initiatives developing numerous programmes aimed at creating positive community impact in line with its charitable objectives. It also supports and partners with private individuals, charitable organisations and government agencies to implement other programmes. Its team comprises a small number of employees and a very large volunteer workforce. It needed to be aware of the risks and potential liabilities associated with its operations to enable it manage these risks appropriately. Inspired Concepts conducted a risk assessment on our client reviewing among other aspects, the nature of its relationships, how decisions were made and accountability within its operations as well as compliance with regulatory procedures to identify potential gaps and risks in its operations. We provided timely advice on how to mitigate and manage these inherent risks and our work ensured the charity could continue achieving its community impact while being assured of the quality of its internal operations and sustainability of its activities over the long term.

Helping you design and implement the right policies, systems, ...

procedures and processes to effectively manage your organisation.


Our client is a leading charity established in 1996. Due to rapid growth it had become apparent that it needed to review the way its operations and processes were designed to ensure it could continue operating effectively. Inspired Concepts was engaged to help it redesign its operating structure, systems and processes to support a new vision which had recently been articulated through an internal re-envisioning project. We met with key stakeholders, designed a new organisational structure and operating systems, mapped current and emerging roles, developed supporting HR and organisational policies and processes, agreed new ways to create community impact, helped engage a larger and more vibrant volunteer workforce and advised on maintaining congruence with its charitable objectives and organisational values.