Leadership Development

Inspired Concepts leadership development offerings help leaders challenge and motivate themselves and others in their teams to higher performance. Our leadership training and executive coaching programmes prepare middle and senior level managers take become more effective leaders and change agents within their organisation.

Participants on our leadership programmes are introduced to the traits of a successful leader and helpful techniques which improve their ability to gain commitment from team members, inspire them towards a shared vision and achieve consensus within the team. Apart from learning to lead their team to greater results in new and more empowering ways, participants utilise a range of leadership profiling tools to help them maximise their performance by being better able to involve, challenge and motivate others. They also build awareness of their role as leaders; the attributes and personal qualities they need and also get high-level feedback on their individual strengths and weaknesses

Those around leaders judge them by their actions, not by their intentions. Executive coaching is an individualised approach to professional development that focuses on results and outcomes. Our coaching solutions provide an invaluable one to one source of support and development for your managers and leaders. Executives are encouraged to consider the unintended consequences of their behaviours and think through the way they come across as leaders in the workplace. We come alongside your executives to maximise their leadership impact helping them set intentions and behavioural goals which improve their effectiveness and their ability to achieve desired outcomes.

Our coaching process helps the executive develop a deep sense of self-awareness which enhances their leadership capabilities and enables them develop others to the best of their abilities. They learn strategies for continuous development through assessment, discussion and self-reflection. Our focus on development planning all through the process also helps to link the coaching programme to the context of the workplace and makes the experience a highly valuable one for your executives.

To find out more about how our offerings can help you develop, coach and inspire your leadership team to achieve greater results, contact us today.