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Start Right: Help Your Child Choose The Right Career

Start Right is a half day workshop designed to help children from the age 15 and up (Year 10 upwards) choose the right career path for their future. Find out more about Start Right. Watch our YouTube video here.

Its never too soon to shape your child’s future so if your answer to either question is yes, you need to listen to this video and book your place on Start Right here.  As part of its Discovery Series, Inspired Concepts Consulting, is pleased to introduce; Start Right, a half day workshop designed to help children from the age 15 and up (Year 10 upwards) choose the right career path for their future.

In our support for teenagers and young adults in the UK as they consider the career options available to them and as our associates have counselled adults

start-right-benefitswho have been in the workplace for several years and have approached us to seek direction for career transition, we find that choosing the right career path early in life is arguably the most significant decision an individual will make and how apt the initial choice is has a major impact on the rest of ones life and career journey. Sadly, when we speak with those already in work, a lot of them tell us that their initial career choice was not necessarily determined by their talents, gifts and aspirations nor did they have access to a breath of information to inform their judgement at the time.

Our awareness of how prevalent this issue is in the career story of so many bright and high potential individuals in the workplace spurred us to find a solution.Start Right is part of our solution to this challenge, focusing on the youths as they start their journey in life.

Start Right combines the benefits of career profiling through the use of a globally recognised online career assessment tool, the expertise of highly experienced HR professionals, careers counsellors and workplace experts and the collaborative support and insights of parents themselves to provide young teenagers who participate on the course with the best possible insights to help them make informed career choices. They are also given lifetime access to the profiling tool and continuous support through their career journey is provided to ensure they can adapt their career priorities as changes inevitably occur in their life journey. Please find out more in the UK session flyer below.

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We run a number of scheduled open learning courses all through the year. Our programmes are competitively priced and scheduled to run at easily accessible venues for your employees. They focus on business, human resource, charity management and leadership development and are designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to improve their job performance.

We design and deliver marketing, business planning and business development courses cross London and also run international training programmes in Nigeria. Our Nigerian partners include a variety of Institutions, businesses and Training Centres. We work with these partner organisations to design and deliver programmes for CEOs, directors and senior executives of leading Nigerian organisations. These UK programmes provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn, network and develop valuable contacts.
The training and events calendar below provides a snapshot of our programmes all of which can be run in-house at your request. Please click on the topic to read more detail about each course.

The Executive PATBA£295.00
Fundamentals of Human Resource Practice TBA£295.00

Please contact us to find out more, book places or discuss about any of these courses in more detail. They are all competitively priced and multiple nominations attract significant discounts. We look forward to hearing from you.