Online Services – Your Online HR Support Service

Coming Soon

HR OnTime will be the most time efficient solution on the market once launched and will provide a suite of automated features including:

Automatic email reminders when you need to take action
• Automated legislative changes to all contracts of employment.
• HR Tools and Resources
• Employment law advice
• Automated Employment Contracts
• Telephone support service
• Automated standard HR templates and forms

With the convenience of the web, you can productively and cost-effectively manage your HR responsibilities online. For enquiries about subscription fees and further details about the service, please visit today.

HR OnTime – is a web-based self-service HR automation solution which streamlines human resource administrative tasks, promotes employment compliance and risk management, and strengthens workforce productivity. This online support service will be launched shortly by Inspired Concepts HR Limited. It will provide a range of services specifically designed to help the small to medium business get to grips with employment and personnel paperwork with as few demands on their time as possible and offer them all the benefits of a company HR department without the associated high level of fixed overheads.

Being proactive about your HR issues can help you avoid common pitfalls and legal problems. As a small to medium sized business – even if you have only one employee – you are subject to a range of legal requirements such as the issuance of employment contracts and maintenance of the right personnel records. Knowing and maintaining compliance with all aspects of HR law is difficult at best, which is why a Web-based HR Solution can be a valuable, convenient and cost-effective asset.
We act as a ‘virtual HR department’ providing specialist advice and support right from start up and increasing the level of support as your business grows. Our team is passionate about supporting you to do what you do best; run your business and we realise that every business, regardless of size, has a variety of HR tasks that need to be performed.

HR OnTime is the closest thing you will get to a fully employed, reliable, trustworthy HR assistant.
As a subscriber to our service you can expect to receive professional and knowledgeable assistance with your routine HR tasks. We will also provide your business and HR team with correct and up-to-date HR policies and practices to minimise risk and maximise productivity.

Our online system will save your organisation time and money and reduce the burden of HR administration and the risk of litigation. Apart from time savings, this easy-to-use HR Solution portal will provide access to a comprehensive suite of online HR tools, solutions and guidance to help avoid problems and costly mistakes, helping you maintain a highly motivated and productive workforce.