Team Building

“Not finance, not strategy, not technology; it is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare”

                                                                                                                        Patrick Lencioni

Over the years, Inspired Concepts has worked with a number of businesses, churches and charities at offsite venues, helping them build stronger teams, enhance innovation and develop strategy. Building effective, productive and happy teams is crucial to the success of any organisation. Whether your team is new or established, you want a cohesive, creative and motivated unit.

We recently worked with a client providing support services to over 300 organisations in the UK. They had just moved office and recruited a new management team which needed to establish a shared vision to enable it take the organisation forward. Inspired Concepts was engaged to work with the new leadership team to undertake a review of its operations. We then designed and facilitated a weekend teambuilding programme for their entire team of 14 employees as part of the intervention advised following the review.

The offsite location and the support of our skilled facilitators provided an opportunity for the team to better understand each other and gain valuable insights into the importance of working together as a team. Issues addressed included identifying barriers to effective team working and how to overcome them. Each member of the team discovered their personality styles including their areas of valuable contribution to the team. They also learnt about others’ strengths and qualities and could better appreciate their contributions to the team. This enhanced communication, engagement and performance within the team.

Inspired Concepts offers bespoke solutions to suit your requirement. Our skilled facilitators deliver carefully planned programmes to provide a valuable investment for your team. Events are held at venues across the UK and we can find you the ideal venue based on your preference.

Contact us today to explore working with you to harness the potential of your team and achieve higher organisational and team performance.