Inspired Concepts Consulting

Inspired Concepts is a professional services company. We help clients in the private, public and charity sectors improve their performance and achieve their objectives. We work with them to develop their operations, anticipate and manage risks, handle business and HR issues and enhance the skills and capabilities of their staff and teams.

Our consultants help you plan and manage your operations and work with you to develop your people’s potential. Utilising our industry experience and functional expertise, we look beyond standard solutions and develop new insights to help you resolve the most critical operational and HR issues you face as you run your business or charity and we work with you to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Our approach is grounded in perspectives gained from several years experience in business, HR and charity management. We work in partnership with you to understand the specific needs of your organisation and support you to achieve measurable outcomes.

“We are passionate about delivering value to each business or charity we work with. We take the time to really understand their operations and to identify its key drivers so we can analyse the issues they face in an insightful way and deliver innovative, creative, and timely solutions to help them achieve their objectives”

Ola Olutunbi, Partner